From the vineyard and the harvest to the winemaking and bottling: the supervision and direct management of all stages of production make it possible for us to guarantee traceability throughout all processes. This is an authentic added value for our customers. We are a niche manufacturer with whom you can relate directly whose strong suit is our craftsmanship.

Wine harvesting

Wine harvesting is both our point of arrival and our point of departure. This stage follows many long months of work in winter and spring. These seasons are dedicated to growing the plants and checking the production’s yield. Harvesting is done with the utmost care and in the traditional way: the vineyards are located near the cellar and this vicinity allows for a very meticulous process that preserves the fragrance and aroma of the grapes.


Once the grapes have been harvested, the time has come to concentrate on creating our wines. The winemaking process focuses on heightening the product’s freshness. Fruity, mineral wines that are the proud expression of the soil of the Piave River – so rich in pebbles and stones. In fact, these products are processed mainly with steel and in a brief period of time: wines with an accessible complexity with an extremely pleasant flavour. These characteristics are what make them so popular with the public.


Our desire to directly supervise every stage of production has prompted us from the very beginning to bottle our wine here on the premises. Preserving the short chain of production is something we all agree on here and we see it as a priority to maintain far into our future


We have made a very specific choice in terms of exclusiveness in order to ensure total control of production and the kind of service we provide our customers with. It is for this reason that you will never find our wines at supermarkets. You can purchase our wine at our company sales outlet and on our e-commerce website or you can sample them in selected restaurants and wine shops in Italy and abroad.